EmptyPacketHeader Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void verify (unsigned bufferLength=0) const

Public Attributes

uint16_t packetLogicalLengthMinus1 = 0
const uint8_t packetType = EMPTY_PACKET
uint8_t reserved1 = 0

Member Function Documentation

◆ verify()

void EmptyPacketHeader::verify ( unsigned  bufferLength = 0) const

Verify that packet is correct type

Check packetLength is at least large enough to hold header

Check packet length is multiple of 4

Check actual packet length is large enough.

References e57::E57_ERROR_BAD_CV_PACKET, e57::EMPTY_PACKET, and e57::toString().

Referenced by e57::PacketReadCache::readPacket().

Member Data Documentation

◆ packetLogicalLengthMinus1

uint16_t EmptyPacketHeader::packetLogicalLengthMinus1 = 0

◆ packetType

const uint8_t EmptyPacketHeader::packetType = EMPTY_PACKET

◆ reserved1

uint8_t EmptyPacketHeader::reserved1 = 0

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