Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool parseString (const QString &str, Base::Quantity &result, double &value) const
 QuantitySpinBoxPrivate (QuantitySpinBox *q)
QString stripped (const QString &t, int *pos) const
bool validate (QString &input, Base::Quantity &result) const
Base::Quantity validateAndInterpret (QString &input, int &pos, QValidator::State &state) const
 ~QuantitySpinBoxPrivate ()

Public Attributes

Base::Quantity cached
QLocale locale
double maximum
double minimum
bool pendingEmit
Base::Quantity quantity
std::unique_ptr< Base::UnitsSchemascheme
double singleStep
Base::Unit unit
QString unitStr
double unitValue
bool validInput
QString validStr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QuantitySpinBoxPrivate()

Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate ( QuantitySpinBox q)

◆ ~QuantitySpinBoxPrivate()

Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::~QuantitySpinBoxPrivate ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ parseString()

bool Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::parseString ( const QString &  str,
Base::Quantity result,
double &  value 
) const

References locale, and Base::Quantity::parse().

Referenced by validate(), and validateAndInterpret().

◆ stripped()

QString Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::stripped ( const QString &  t,
int pos 
) const

◆ validate()

◆ validateAndInterpret()

Base::Quantity Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::validateAndInterpret ( QString &  input,
int pos,
QValidator::State &  state 
) const

References locale, maximum, minimum, and parseString().

Referenced by validate().

Member Data Documentation

◆ cached

Base::Quantity Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::cached

◆ locale

QLocale Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::locale

◆ maximum

double Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::maximum ( void  )

Referenced by validateAndInterpret().

◆ minimum

double Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::minimum ( void  )

Referenced by validateAndInterpret().

◆ pendingEmit

bool Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::pendingEmit

◆ q_ptr

QuantitySpinBox* Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::q_ptr

◆ quantity

◆ scheme

std::unique_ptr<Base::UnitsSchema> Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::scheme

◆ singleStep

double Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::singleStep ( void  )

◆ unit

Base::Unit Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::unit

Referenced by validate().

◆ unitStr

QString Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::unitStr

Referenced by validate().

◆ unitValue

double Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::unitValue

◆ validInput

bool Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::validInput

◆ validStr

QString Gui::QuantitySpinBoxPrivate::validStr

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