#include <VolSim.h>

Public Member Functions

 cLineSegment ()
 cLineSegment (Point3D &p1, Point3D &p2)
void PointAt (float dist, Point3D &retp)
void SetPoints (Point3D &p1, Point3D &p2)

Public Attributes

float len
float lenXY
Point3D pDir
Point3D pDirXY
Point3D pStart

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cLineSegment() [1/2]

cLineSegment::cLineSegment ( )

◆ cLineSegment() [2/2]

cLineSegment::cLineSegment ( Point3D p1,
Point3D p2 

References SetPoints().

Member Function Documentation

◆ PointAt()

void cLineSegment::PointAt ( float  dist,
Point3D retp 

◆ SetPoints()

void cLineSegment::SetPoints ( Point3D p1,
Point3D p2 

References lenXY, pDir, pDirXY, pStart, Point3D::x, and Point3D::y.

Referenced by cLineSegment().

Member Data Documentation

◆ len

float cLineSegment::len

◆ lenXY

float cLineSegment::lenXY

Referenced by SetPoints().

◆ pDir

Point3D cLineSegment::pDir

Referenced by PointAt(), and SetPoints().

◆ pDirXY

Point3D cLineSegment::pDirXY

Referenced by SetPoints().

◆ pStart

Point3D cLineSegment::pStart

Referenced by PointAt(), and SetPoints().

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