importSHP Namespace Reference


def checkShapeFileLibrary ()
def getFields (filename)
def insert (filename, docname, record=None)
def open (filename)


 pythonopen = open
 translate = FreeCAD.Qt.translate

Function Documentation

◆ checkShapeFileLibrary()

def importSHP.checkShapeFileLibrary ( )
Looks for and/or installs the ShapeFile library

References pythonopen.

Referenced by getFields(), and insert().

◆ getFields()

def importSHP.getFields (   filename)
returns the fields found in the given file

References checkShapeFileLibrary().

◆ insert()

def importSHP.insert (   filename,
  record = None 
imports a SHP/SHX/DBF file in an existing FreeCAD document.
the record attribute is an optional string indicating the shapefile
field to use to give elevations to the different shapes. If not used,
if running in GUI mode, a dialog will pop up to ask the user which
field to use.

References checkShapeFileLibrary().

Referenced by open().

◆ open()

def (   filename)
opens a SHP/SHX/DBF file in a new FreeCAD document

References importIFCHelper.decode(), and insert().

Variable Documentation

◆ pythonopen

importSHP.pythonopen = open

Referenced by checkShapeFileLibrary().

◆ translate

importSHP.translate = FreeCAD.Qt.translate