DrawingGui::OrthoViews Class Reference

#include <TaskOrthoViews.h>

Public Member Functions

void add_view (int rel_x, int rel_y)
void auto_dims (bool setting)
void del_all ()
void del_view (int rel_x, int rel_y)
bool get_Axo (int rel_x, int rel_y, int &axo, gp_Dir &up, gp_Dir &right, bool &away, bool &tri, float &axo_scale)
void get_configs (float configs[5])
int is_Ortho (int rel_x, int rel_y)
 OrthoViews (App::Document *, const char *pagename, const char *partname)
void set_Axo (int rel_x, int rel_y)
void set_Axo (int rel_x, int rel_y, gp_Dir up, gp_Dir right, bool away=false, int axo=0, bool tri=false)
void set_Axo_scale (int rel_x, int rel_y, float axo_scale)
void set_configs (float configs[5])
void set_hidden (bool state)
void set_Ortho (int rel_x, int rel_y)
void set_primary (gp_Dir facing, gp_Dir right)
void set_projection (int proj)
void set_smooth (bool state)
 ~OrthoViews ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OrthoViews()

◆ ~OrthoViews()

OrthoViews::~OrthoViews ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_view()

void OrthoViews::add_view ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y 

◆ auto_dims()

void OrthoViews::auto_dims ( bool  setting)

◆ del_all()

void OrthoViews::del_all ( )

◆ del_view()

void OrthoViews::del_view ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y 

◆ get_Axo()

bool OrthoViews::get_Axo ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y,
int axo,
gp_Dir &  up,
gp_Dir &  right,
bool away,
bool tri,
float &  axo_scale 

◆ get_configs()

void OrthoViews::get_configs ( float  configs[5])

◆ is_Ortho()

int OrthoViews::is_Ortho ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y 

◆ set_Axo() [1/2]

void OrthoViews::set_Axo ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y 

References set_Axo().

◆ set_Axo() [2/2]

void OrthoViews::set_Axo ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y,
gp_Dir  up,
gp_Dir  right,
bool  away = false,
int  axo = 0,
bool  tri = false 

◆ set_Axo_scale()

void OrthoViews::set_Axo_scale ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y,
float  axo_scale 

◆ set_configs()

void OrthoViews::set_configs ( float  configs[5])

◆ set_hidden()

void OrthoViews::set_hidden ( bool  state)

◆ set_Ortho()

void OrthoViews::set_Ortho ( int  rel_x,
int  rel_y 

◆ set_primary()

◆ set_projection()

void OrthoViews::set_projection ( int  proj)

◆ set_smooth()

void OrthoViews::set_smooth ( bool  state)

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