PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def callerFile (self)
def callerFunc (self)
def callerLine (self)
def setUp (self)
def test00 (self)
def test01 (self)
def test10 (self)
def test11 (self)
def test12 (self)
def test13 (self)
def test14 (self)
def test20 (self)
def test21 (self)
def test30 (self)
def test31 (self)
def test32 (self)
def test33 (self)
def test34 (self)
def test50 (self)
def test51 (self)
def test52 (self)
def test53 (self)
def test60 (self)
def test61 (self)
def testzz (self)

Static Public Attributes

string MODULE = "TestPathLog"

Detailed Description

Some basic tests for the logging framework.

Member Function Documentation

◆ callerFile()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.callerFile (   self)

◆ callerFunc()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.callerFunc (   self)

◆ callerLine()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.callerLine (   self)

◆ setUp()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.setUp (   self)

◆ test00()

◆ test01()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test01 (   self)
Check for proper function extraction.

References PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.callerFunc().

◆ test10()

◆ test11()

◆ test12()

◆ test13()

◆ test14()

◆ test20()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test20 (   self)
Verify debug logs aren't logged by default.

◆ test21()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test21 (   self)
Verify debug logs are logged if log level is set to DEBUG.

◆ test30()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test30 (   self)
Verify log level ERROR.

◆ test31()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test31 (   self)
Verify log level WARNING.

◆ test32()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test32 (   self)
Verify log level NOTICE.

◆ test33()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test33 (   self)
Verify log level INFO.

◆ test34()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test34 (   self)
Verify log level DEBUG.

◆ test50()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test50 (   self)
Verify no tracking by default.

◆ test51()

◆ test52()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test52 (   self)
Verify untracking stops tracking.

◆ test53()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.test53 (   self)
Verify trackAllModules works correctly.

◆ test60()

◆ test61()

◆ testzz()

def PathTests.TestPathLog.TestPathLog.testzz (   self)
Restoring environment after tests.

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