SCL.SimpleDataTypes.REAL Class Reference

Detailed Description

EXPRESS definition:
The real data type has as its domain all rational, irrational and scientific real numbers. It is
a specialization of the number data type.
265 real_type = REAL [ '(' precision_spec ')' ] .
255 precision_spec = numeric_expression .
Rational and irrational numbers have infnite resolution and are exact. Scientific numbers rep-
resent quantities which are known only to a specified precision. The precision_spec is stated
in terms of significant digits.
A real number literal is represented by a mantissa and optional exponent. The number of digits
making up the mantissa when all leading zeros have been removed is the number of significant
digits. The known precision of a value is the number of leading digits that are necessary to the
Rules and restrictions:
a) The precision_spec gives the minimum number of digits of resolution that are re-
quired. This expression shall evaluate to a positive integer value.
b) When no resolution specification is given the precision of the real number is uncon-

Note 9.2.6:
integer and real are both specializations of number;

Python definition:
REAL both inherits from float and NUMBER

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