DrawingGui::orthoview Class Reference

#include <TaskOrthoViews.h>

Public Member Functions

void deleteme ()
float getScale ()
App::DocumentObjectgetViewPart ()
void hidden (bool)
 orthoview (App::Document *parent, App::DocumentObject *part, App::DocumentObject *page, Base::BoundBox3d *partbox)
void set_data (int r_x, int r_y)
void set_projection (const gp_Ax2 &cs)
void setPos (float=0, float=0)
void setScale (float newscale)
void smooth (bool)
 ~orthoview ()

Public Attributes

bool auto_scale
bool away
int axo
bool ortho
int rel_x
int rel_y
gp_Dir right
bool tri
gp_Dir up

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ orthoview()

◆ ~orthoview()

orthoview::~orthoview ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ deleteme()

void orthoview::deleteme ( )

◆ getScale()

float orthoview::getScale ( )

◆ getViewPart()

App::DocumentObject * DrawingGui::orthoview::getViewPart ( )

◆ hidden()

void orthoview::hidden ( bool  state)

◆ set_data()

void orthoview::set_data ( int  r_x,
int  r_y 

◆ set_projection()

◆ setPos()

void orthoview::setPos ( float  px = 0,
float  py = 0 

◆ setScale()

void orthoview::setScale ( float  newscale)

◆ smooth()

void orthoview::smooth ( bool  state)

Member Data Documentation

◆ auto_scale

bool DrawingGui::orthoview::auto_scale

Referenced by orthoview().

◆ away

bool DrawingGui::orthoview::away

Referenced by orthoview().

◆ axo

int DrawingGui::orthoview::axo

Referenced by orthoview().

◆ ortho

bool DrawingGui::orthoview::ortho

Referenced by orthoview(), and set_data().

◆ rel_x

int DrawingGui::orthoview::rel_x

Referenced by orthoview(), and set_data().

◆ rel_y

int DrawingGui::orthoview::rel_y

Referenced by orthoview(), and set_data().

◆ right

gp_Dir DrawingGui::orthoview::right

◆ tri

bool DrawingGui::orthoview::tri

Referenced by orthoview().

◆ up

gp_Dir DrawingGui::orthoview::up

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