SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle Class Reference

#include <DrawSketchHandlerCircle.h>

Public Types

enum  SelectMode { STATUS_SEEK_First , STATUS_SEEK_Second , STATUS_SEEK_Third , STATUS_End }
 mode table More...

Public Member Functions

 DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle ()
virtual void mouseMove (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos) override
virtual bool pressButton (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos) override
virtual bool releaseButton (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos) override
virtual ~DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler
void activate (ViewProviderSketch *)
void createAutoConstraints (const std::vector< AutoConstraint > &autoConstrs, int geoId, Sketcher::PointPos pointPos=Sketcher::PointPos::none, bool createowncommand=true)
void deactivate ()
 DrawSketchHandler ()
int getHighestCurveIndex (void)
int getHighestVertexIndex (void)
virtual void mouseMove (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos)=0
virtual bool onSelectionChanged (const Gui::SelectionChanges &)
virtual bool pressButton (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos)=0
virtual void quit (void)
virtual void registerPressedKey (bool, int)
virtual bool releaseButton (Base::Vector2d onSketchPos)=0
void renderSuggestConstraintsCursor (std::vector< AutoConstraint > &suggestedConstraints)
void resetPositionText (void)
int seekAutoConstraint (std::vector< AutoConstraint > &suggestedConstraints, const Base::Vector2d &Pos, const Base::Vector2d &Dir, AutoConstraint::TargetType type=AutoConstraint::VERTEX)
void setPositionText (const Base::Vector2d &Pos)
void setPositionText (const Base::Vector2d &Pos, const SbString &text)
virtual ~DrawSketchHandler ()

Protected Attributes

Base::Vector2d CenterPoint
std::vector< Base::Vector2dEditCurve
Base::Vector2d FirstPoint
SelectMode Mode
double N
double radius
Base::Vector2d SecondPoint
std::vector< AutoConstraintsugConstr1
std::vector< AutoConstraintsugConstr2
std::vector< AutoConstraintsugConstr3
- Protected Attributes inherited from SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler
QCursor oldCursor
QCursor actCursor
QPixmap actCursorPixmap

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler
virtual QString getCrosshairCursorSVGName () const
void setCursor (const QPixmap &pixmap, int x, int y, bool autoScale=true)
void updateCursor ()
 updates the actCursor with the icon by calling getCrosshairCursorSVGName(), enabling to set data member dependent icons (i.e. More...
void unsetCursor (void)
 restitutes the cursor that was in use at the moment of starting the DrawSketchHandler (i.e. oldCursor) More...
void applyCursor (void)
 restitutes the DSH cached cursor (e.g. without any tail due to autoconstraints, ...) More...
unsigned long getCrosshairColor ()
 returns the color to be used for the crosshair (configurable as a parameter) More...
qreal devicePixelRatio ()
 functions to set the cursor to a given svgName (to be migrated to NVI style) More...
void drawEdit (const std::vector< Base::Vector2d > &EditCurve)
void drawEdit (const std::list< std::vector< Base::Vector2d > > &list)
void drawEdit (const std::vector< Part::Geometry * > &geometries)
void drawEditMarkers (const std::vector< Base::Vector2d > &EditMarkers, unsigned int augmentationlevel=0)
void setAxisPickStyle (bool on)
void moveCursorToSketchPoint (Base::Vector2d point)
void preselectAtPoint (Base::Vector2d point)
void drawPositionAtCursor (const Base::Vector2d &position)
void drawDirectionAtCursor (const Base::Vector2d &position, const Base::Vector2d &origin)
int getPreselectPoint (void) const
int getPreselectCurve (void) const
int getPreselectCross (void) const
Sketcher::SketchObjectgetSketchObject ()
std::vector< QPixmap > suggestedConstraintsPixmaps (std::vector< AutoConstraint > &suggestedConstraints)
 Returns constraints icons scaled to width. More...

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ SelectMode

mode table


enum value -—.


enum value -—.


enum value -—.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle()

SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle ( )

◆ ~DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle()

virtual SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::~DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ mouseMove()

◆ pressButton()

◆ releaseButton()

Member Data Documentation

◆ CenterPoint

Base::Vector2d SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::CenterPoint

Referenced by mouseMove(), and releaseButton().

◆ EditCurve

std::vector<Base::Vector2d> SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::EditCurve

◆ FirstPoint

Base::Vector2d SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::FirstPoint

Referenced by mouseMove(), and pressButton().

◆ Mode

SelectMode SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::Mode

◆ N

double SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::N

Referenced by mouseMove().

◆ radius

◆ SecondPoint

Base::Vector2d SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::SecondPoint

Referenced by mouseMove(), and pressButton().

◆ sugConstr1

std::vector<AutoConstraint> SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::sugConstr1

Referenced by mouseMove(), and releaseButton().

◆ sugConstr2

std::vector<AutoConstraint> SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::sugConstr2

Referenced by mouseMove(), and releaseButton().

◆ sugConstr3

std::vector<AutoConstraint> SketcherGui::DrawSketchHandler3PointCircle::sugConstr3

Referenced by mouseMove(), and releaseButton().

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