QDomNodeModel Class Reference

#include <QDomNodeModel.h>

Public Member Functions

QUrl baseUri (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n) const
int childIndex (const QDomNode &) const
QXmlNodeModelIndex::DocumentOrder compareOrder (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni1, const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni2) const
QUrl documentUri (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n) const
QXmlNodeModelIndex elementById (const QXmlName &id) const
QXmlNodeModelIndex fromDomNode (const QDomNode &) const
QXmlNodeModelIndex::NodeKind kind (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni) const
QXmlName name (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni) const
QVector< QXmlName > namespaceBindings (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n) const
QVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex > nodesByIdref (const QXmlName &idref) const
QVector< QDomNodepath (const QDomNode &) const
 QDomNodeModel (QXmlNamePool, QDomDocument, bool parsedReadOnly=false)
QXmlNodeModelIndex root (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n) const
QSourceLocation sourceLocation (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &index) const
QString stringValue (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n) const
QDomNode toDomNode (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &) const
QVariant typedValue (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &node) const

Protected Member Functions

QVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex > attributes (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &element) const
QXmlNodeModelIndex nextFromSimpleAxis (SimpleAxis axis, const QXmlNodeModelIndex &origin) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QDomNodeModel()

QDomNodeModel::QDomNodeModel ( QXmlNamePool  pool,
QDomDocument  doc,
bool  parsedReadOnly = false 

Member Function Documentation

◆ attributes()

QVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex > QDomNodeModel::attributes ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  element) const

References fromDomNode(), and toDomNode().

◆ baseUri()

QUrl QDomNodeModel::baseUri ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  n) const

◆ childIndex()

int QDomNodeModel::childIndex ( const QDomNode n) const

◆ compareOrder()

QXmlNodeModelIndex::DocumentOrder QDomNodeModel::compareOrder ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  ni1,
const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  ni2 
) const

References path(), and toDomNode().

◆ documentUri()

QUrl QDomNodeModel::documentUri ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  n) const

◆ elementById()

QXmlNodeModelIndex QDomNodeModel::elementById ( const QXmlName &  id) const

References fromDomNode().

◆ fromDomNode()

◆ kind()

QXmlNodeModelIndex::NodeKind QDomNodeModel::kind ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  ni) const

References toDomNode().

◆ name()

◆ namespaceBindings()

QVector< QXmlName > QDomNodeModel::namespaceBindings ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  n) const

References toDomNode().

Referenced by name().

◆ nextFromSimpleAxis()

QXmlNodeModelIndex QDomNodeModel::nextFromSimpleAxis ( SimpleAxis  axis,
const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  origin 
) const

References fromDomNode(), and toDomNode().

◆ nodesByIdref()

QVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex > QDomNodeModel::nodesByIdref ( const QXmlName &  idref) const

◆ path()

◆ root()

◆ sourceLocation()

QSourceLocation QDomNodeModel::sourceLocation ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  index) const

◆ stringValue()

QString QDomNodeModel::stringValue ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  n) const

References toDomNode().

Referenced by typedValue().

◆ toDomNode()

◆ typedValue()

QVariant QDomNodeModel::typedValue ( const QXmlNodeModelIndex &  node) const

References stringValue().

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