ArchTruss.ViewProviderTruss Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def getIcon (self)
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def areDifferentColors (self, a, b)
def attach (self, vobj)
def claimChildren (self)
def colorize (self, obj, force=False)
def getDisplayModes (self, vobj)
def getIcon (self)
def onChanged (self, vobj, prop)
def setDisplayMode (self, mode)
def setEdit (self, vobj, mode)
def setProperties (self, vobj)
def setupContextMenu (self, vobj, menu)
def toggleSubcomponents (self)
def unsetEdit (self, vobj, mode)
def updateData (self, obj, prop)

Additional Inherited Members

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getIcon()

def ArchTruss.ViewProviderTruss.getIcon (   self)
Return the path to the appropriate icon.

If a clone, return the cloned component icon path. Otherwise return the
Arch Component icon.

    Path to the appropriate icon .svg file.

Reimplemented from ArchComponent.ViewProviderComponent.

Referenced by ArchAxisSystem.AxisSystemTaskPanel.update(), ArchComponent.ComponentTaskPanel.update(), and ArchSectionPlane.SectionPlaneTaskPanel.update().

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