Drawing::ProjectionAlgos Class Reference

Algo class for projecting shapes and creating SVG output of it. More...

#include <ProjectionAlgos.h>

Public Types

enum  ExtractionType { Plain = 0 , WithHidden = 1 , WithSmooth = 2 }
typedef std::map< std::string, std::string > XmlAttributes

Public Member Functions

void execute (void)
std::string getDXF (ExtractionType type, double scale, double tolerance)
std::string getSVG (ExtractionType type, double tolerance=0.05, XmlAttributes V_style=XmlAttributes(), XmlAttributes V0_style=XmlAttributes(), XmlAttributes V1_style=XmlAttributes(), XmlAttributes H_style=XmlAttributes(), XmlAttributes H0_style=XmlAttributes(), XmlAttributes H1_style=XmlAttributes())
 ProjectionAlgos (const TopoDS_Shape &Input, const Base::Vector3d &Dir)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~ProjectionAlgos ()

Public Attributes

const Base::Vector3dDirection
TopoDS_Shape H
TopoDS_Shape H1
TopoDS_Shape HI
TopoDS_Shape HN
TopoDS_Shape HO
const TopoDS_Shape & Input
TopoDS_Shape V
TopoDS_Shape V1
TopoDS_Shape VI
TopoDS_Shape VN
TopoDS_Shape VO

Detailed Description

Algo class for projecting shapes and creating SVG output of it.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ XmlAttributes

typedef std::map<std::string,std::string> Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::XmlAttributes

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ExtractionType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProjectionAlgos()

ProjectionAlgos::ProjectionAlgos ( const TopoDS_Shape &  Input,
const Base::Vector3d Dir 


References execute().

◆ ~ProjectionAlgos()

ProjectionAlgos::~ProjectionAlgos ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

◆ getDXF()

string ProjectionAlgos::getDXF ( ExtractionType  type,
double  scale,
double  tolerance 

◆ getSVG()

string ProjectionAlgos::getSVG ( ExtractionType  type,
double  tolerance = 0.05,
XmlAttributes  V_style = XmlAttributes(),
XmlAttributes  V0_style = XmlAttributes(),
XmlAttributes  V1_style = XmlAttributes(),
XmlAttributes  H_style = XmlAttributes(),
XmlAttributes  H0_style = XmlAttributes(),
XmlAttributes  H1_style = XmlAttributes() 

Member Data Documentation

◆ Direction

const Base::Vector3d& Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::Direction

Referenced by execute().

◆ H

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::H

◆ H1

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::H1

◆ HI

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::HI

◆ HN

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::HN

◆ HO

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::HO

◆ Input

const TopoDS_Shape& Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::Input

Referenced by execute().

◆ V

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::V

◆ V1

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::V1

◆ VI

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::VI

◆ VN

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::VN

◆ VO

TopoDS_Shape Drawing::ProjectionAlgos::VO

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