Gui::ElementColors Class Reference

#include <TaskElementColors.h>


class  Private

Public Member Functions

bool accept ()
 ElementColors (ViewProviderDocumentObject *vp, bool noHide=false)
bool reject ()
 ~ElementColors ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::SelectionObserver
void attachSelection ()
 Attaches to the selection. More...
bool blockSelection (bool block)
void detachSelection ()
 Detaches from the selection. More...
bool isSelectionAttached () const
bool isSelectionBlocked () const
 SelectionObserver (bool attach=true, ResolveMode resolve=ResolveMode::OldStyleElement)
 Constructor. More...
 SelectionObserver (const Gui::ViewProviderDocumentObject *vp, bool attach=true, ResolveMode resolve=ResolveMode::OldStyleElement)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~SelectionObserver ()

Protected Member Functions

void changeEvent (QEvent *e)
void leaveEvent (QEvent *)
void onSelectionChanged (const SelectionChanges &msg)
void slotDeleteDocument (const Document &)
void slotDeleteObject (const ViewProvider &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ElementColors()

◆ ~ElementColors()

Member Function Documentation

◆ accept()

◆ changeEvent()

void ElementColors::changeEvent ( QEvent e)

◆ leaveEvent()

◆ onSelectionChanged()

void ElementColors::onSelectionChanged ( const SelectionChanges msg)

◆ reject()

◆ slotDeleteDocument()

◆ slotDeleteObject()

void ElementColors::slotDeleteObject ( const ViewProvider obj)

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