ArchAxis Namespace Reference

Axis system for the Arch workbench. More...


class  ArchGrid
class  ArchGridTaskPanel
class  AxisSystemTaskPanel
class  CommandArchGrid
class  ViewProviderArchGrid


def makeAxis (num=5, size=1000, name="Axes")
def makeAxisSystem (axes, name="Axis System")
def makeGrid (name="Grid")

Detailed Description

Axis system for the Arch workbench.

This module provides tools to build axis systems An axis system is a collection of planar axes with a number/tag

Function Documentation

◆ makeAxis()

def ArchAxis.makeAxis (   num = 5,
  size = 1000,
  name = "Axes" 
makeAxis(num,size): makes an Axis set
based on the given number of axes and interval distances

◆ makeAxisSystem()

def ArchAxis.makeAxisSystem (   axes,
  name = "Axis System" 
makeAxisSystem(axes): makes a system from the given list of axes

◆ makeGrid()

def ArchAxis.makeGrid (   name = "Grid")
makeGrid(): makes a grid object

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