App::MoveCellsExpressionVisitor< P > Class Template Reference

#include <ExpressionVisitors.h>

Public Member Functions

 MoveCellsExpressionVisitor (P &prop, const CellAddress &address, int rowCount, int colCount)
void visit (Expression &node)
- Public Member Functions inherited from App::ExpressionModifier< P >
virtual void aboutToChange () override
virtual int changed () const override
 ExpressionModifier (P &_prop)
virtual App::PropertyLinkBasegetPropertyLink () override
virtual void reset () override
virtual ~ExpressionModifier ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from App::ExpressionVisitor
virtual void aboutToChange ()
virtual int changed () const
virtual App::PropertyLinkBasegetPropertyLink ()
virtual void reset ()
virtual void visit (Expression &e)=0
virtual ~ExpressionVisitor ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from App::ExpressionVisitor
bool adjustLinks (Expression &e, const std::set< App::DocumentObject * > &inList)
void collectReplacement (Expression &e, std::map< ObjectIdentifier, ObjectIdentifier > &, const App::DocumentObject *parent, App::DocumentObject *oldObj, App::DocumentObject *newObj) const
void getIdentifiers (Expression &e, std::map< App::ObjectIdentifier, bool > &)
void importSubNames (Expression &e, const ObjectIdentifier::SubNameMap &subNameMap)
void moveCells (Expression &e, const CellAddress &address, int rowCount, int colCount)
void offsetCells (Expression &e, int rowOffset, int colOffset)
bool relabeledDocument (Expression &e, const std::string &oldName, const std::string &newName)
bool renameObjectIdentifier (Expression &e, const std::map< ObjectIdentifier, ObjectIdentifier > &, const ObjectIdentifier &)
bool updateElementReference (Expression &e, App::DocumentObject *feature, bool reverse)
void updateLabelReference (Expression &e, App::DocumentObject *obj, const std::string &ref, const char *newLabel)
- Protected Attributes inherited from App::ExpressionModifier< P >
P & prop
AtomicPropertyChangeInterface< P >::AtomicPropertyChange signaller

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MoveCellsExpressionVisitor()

template<class P >
App::MoveCellsExpressionVisitor< P >::MoveCellsExpressionVisitor ( P &  prop,
const CellAddress address,
int  rowCount,
int  colCount 

Member Function Documentation

◆ visit()

template<class P >
void App::MoveCellsExpressionVisitor< P >::visit ( Expression node)

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