femsolver.z88.solver.Proxy Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def createMachine (self, obj, directory, testmode=False)
def edit (self, directory)
def editSupported (self)
def execute (self, obj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from femsolver.solverbase.Proxy
def addEquation (self, obj, eqId)
def createEquation (self, obj, eqId)
def createMachine (self, obj, directory, testmode)
def edit (self, directory)
def editSupported (self)
def execute (self, obj)
def isSupported (self, equation)

Static Public Attributes

string Type = "Fem::SolverZ88"
- Static Public Attributes inherited from femsolver.solverbase.Proxy
string BaseType = "Fem::FemSolverObjectPython"

Detailed Description

The Fem::FemSolver's Proxy python type, add solver specific properties

Member Function Documentation

◆ createMachine()

def femsolver.z88.solver.Proxy.createMachine (   self,
  testmode = False 

Reimplemented from femsolver.solverbase.Proxy.

◆ edit()

def femsolver.z88.solver.Proxy.edit (   self,

◆ editSupported()

def femsolver.z88.solver.Proxy.editSupported (   self)

Reimplemented from femsolver.solverbase.Proxy.

◆ execute()

Member Data Documentation

◆ Type

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