cStock Class Reference

#include <VolSim.h>

Public Member Functions

void ApplyCircularTool (Point3D &p1, Point3D &p2, Point3D &cent, cSimTool &tool, bool isCCW)
void ApplyLinearTool (Point3D &p1, Point3D &p2, cSimTool &tool)
void CreatePocket (float x, float y, float rad, float height)
 cStock (float px, float py, float pz, float lx, float ly, float lz, float res)
void Tessellate (Mesh::MeshObject &meshOuter, Mesh::MeshObject &meshInner)
Point3D ToInner (Point3D &p)
 ~cStock ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cStock()

cStock::cStock ( float  px,
float  py,
float  pz,
float  lx,
float  ly,
float  lz,
float  res 

References Array2D< T >::Init().

◆ ~cStock()

cStock::~cStock ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ApplyCircularTool()

void cStock::ApplyCircularTool ( Point3D p1,
Point3D p2,
Point3D cent,
cSimTool tool,
bool  isCCW 

◆ ApplyLinearTool()

◆ CreatePocket()

void cStock::CreatePocket ( float  x,
float  y,
float  rad,
float  height 

◆ Tessellate()

void cStock::Tessellate ( Mesh::MeshObject meshOuter,
Mesh::MeshObject meshInner 

◆ ToInner()

Point3D cStock::ToInner ( Point3D p)

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