PathScripts.PathDressup Namespace Reference


def baseOp (path)
def hasEntryMethod (path)
def selection ()
def toolController (path)

Function Documentation

◆ baseOp()

def PathScripts.PathDressup.baseOp (   path)
baseOp(path) ... return the base operation underlying the given path

References PathScripts.PathDressup.baseOp().

Referenced by PathScripts.PathDressup.baseOp(), and PathScripts.PathDressup.toolController().

◆ hasEntryMethod()

def PathScripts.PathDressup.hasEntryMethod (   path)
hasEntryDressup(path) ... returns true if the given object already has an entry method attached.

References PathScripts.PathDressup.hasEntryMethod().

Referenced by PathScripts.PathDressup.hasEntryMethod().

◆ selection()

def PathScripts.PathDressup.selection ( )
isActive() ... return True if a dressup command is possible.

◆ toolController()

def PathScripts.PathDressup.toolController (   path)
toolController(path) ... return the tool controller from the base op.

References PathScripts.PathDressup.baseOp().