Gui::DAG::GraphLinkRecord Struct Reference

#include <DAGModelGraph.h>


struct  ByDObject
 used as tags. More...
struct  ByRectItem
struct  ByUniqueName
struct  ByVertex
struct  ByVPDObject

Public Attributes

const App::DocumentObjectDObject
 document object More...
const RectItemrectItem
 qgraphics item. More...
std::string uniqueName
 name for document object. More...
Vertex vertex
 vertex in graph. More...
const Gui::ViewProviderDocumentObjectVPDObject
 view provider More...

Detailed Description

Multi_index record.

Member Data Documentation

◆ DObject

◆ rectItem

const RectItem* Gui::DAG::GraphLinkRecord::rectItem

qgraphics item.

◆ uniqueName

std::string Gui::DAG::GraphLinkRecord::uniqueName

name for document object.

◆ vertex

Vertex Gui::DAG::GraphLinkRecord::vertex

◆ VPDObject

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