config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def wr1 (self)
def wr2 (self)
def wr3 (self)
def wr4 (self)
def wr5 (self)
def wr6 (self)
def wr7 (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from config_control_design.representation
def context_of_items ()
def items ()
def name ()

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Entity faceted_brep_shape_representation definition.

Member Function Documentation

◆ wr1()

def config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation.wr1 (   self)

◆ wr2()

def config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation.wr2 (   self)

◆ wr3()

def config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation.wr3 (   self)

◆ wr4()

def config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation.wr4 (   self)

◆ wr5()

def config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation.wr5 (   self)

◆ wr6()

def config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation.wr6 (   self)

◆ wr7()

def config_control_design.faceted_brep_shape_representation.wr7 (   self)

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