ifc2x3.ifcstructuralaction Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def causedby ()
def destabilizingload ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc2x3.ifcstructuralactivity
def appliedload ()
def assignedtostructuralitem ()
def globalorlocal ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc2x3.ifcproduct
def objectplacement ()
def referencedby ()
def representation ()
def wr1 (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc2x3.ifcobject
def isdefinedby ()
def objecttype ()
def wr1 (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc2x3.ifcobjectdefinition
def decomposes ()
def hasassignments ()
def hasassociations ()
def isdecomposedby ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc2x3.ifcroot
def description ()
def globalid ()
def name ()
def ownerhistory ()

Public Attributes

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- Public Attributes inherited from ifc2x3.ifcroot

Detailed Description

Entity ifcstructuralaction definition.

    :param destabilizingload
    :type destabilizingload:BOOLEAN

    :param causedby
    :type causedby:ifcstructuralreaction

Member Function Documentation

◆ causedby()

def ifc2x3.ifcstructuralaction.causedby ( )

References ifc2x3.ifcstructuralaction._causedby.

◆ destabilizingload()

def ifc2x3.ifcstructuralaction.destabilizingload ( )

References ifc2x3.ifcstructuralaction._destabilizingload, and ifc4.ifcstructuralaction._destabilizingload.

Member Data Documentation

◆ causedby


◆ destabilizingload


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