Gui::SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void printCircle (const SbVec3f &v, const SbColor &c, const float radius) const
void printImage (const SoVectorizeImage *item) const
void printLine (const SoVectorizeLine *item) const
void printPoint (const SoVectorizePoint *item) const
void printSquare (const SbVec3f &v, const SbColor &c, const float size) const
void printText (const SoVectorizeText *item) const
void printTriangle (const SbVec3f *v, const SbColor *c) const
void printTriangle (const SoVectorizeTriangle *item) const
 SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP (SoFCVectorizeU3DAction *p)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP()

Gui::SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP ( SoFCVectorizeU3DAction p)

Member Function Documentation

◆ printCircle()

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printCircle ( const SbVec3f &  v,
const SbColor &  c,
const float  radius 
) const

◆ printImage()

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printImage ( const SoVectorizeImage item) const

◆ printLine()

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printLine ( const SoVectorizeLine item) const

◆ printPoint()

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printPoint ( const SoVectorizePoint item) const

◆ printSquare()

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printSquare ( const SbVec3f &  v,
const SbColor &  c,
const float  size 
) const

◆ printText()

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printText ( const SoVectorizeText item) const

◆ printTriangle() [1/2]

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printTriangle ( const SbVec3f *  v,
const SbColor *  c 
) const

Referenced by printTriangle().

◆ printTriangle() [2/2]

void SoFCVectorizeU3DActionP::printTriangle ( const SoVectorizeTriangle item) const

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