FreeCADGuiInit.NoneWorkbench Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def GetClassName (self)
def Initialize (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FreeCADGuiInit.Workbench
def appendCommandbar (self, name, cmds)
def appendContextMenu (self, name, cmds)
def appendMenu (self, name, cmds)
def appendToolbar (self, name, cmds)
def ContextMenu (self, recipient)
def GetClassName (self)
def getToolbarItems (self)
def Initialize (self)
def listCommandbars (self)
def listMenus (self)
def listToolbars (self)
def name (self)
def reloadActive (self)
def removeCommandbar (self, name)
def removeContextMenu (self, name)
def removeMenu (self, name)
def removeToolbar (self, name)

Static Public Attributes

string MenuText = "<none>"
string ToolTip = "The default empty workbench"
- Static Public Attributes inherited from FreeCADGuiInit.Workbench
 Icon = None
string MenuText = ""
string ToolTip = ""

Detailed Description

An empty workbench.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetClassName()

def FreeCADGuiInit.NoneWorkbench.GetClassName (   self)
Return the name of the associated C++ class.

Reimplemented from FreeCADGuiInit.Workbench.

◆ Initialize()

def FreeCADGuiInit.NoneWorkbench.Initialize (   self)
Initialize this workbench.

Reimplemented from FreeCADGuiInit.Workbench.

Member Data Documentation

◆ MenuText

string FreeCADGuiInit.NoneWorkbench.MenuText = "<none>"

◆ ToolTip

string FreeCADGuiInit.NoneWorkbench.ToolTip = "The default empty workbench"

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