PathTests.TestPathPost.TestPathPost Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def setUp (self)
def tearDown (self)
def test_postprocessors (self)

Detailed Description

Test some of the output of the postprocessors.

So far there are three tests each for the linuxcnc
and centroid postprocessors.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setUp()

def PathTests.TestPathPost.TestPathPost.setUp (   self)
Set up the postprocessor tests.

◆ tearDown()

def PathTests.TestPathPost.TestPathPost.tearDown (   self)
Tear down after the postprocessor tests.

Referenced by PathTests.TestPathHelix.TestPathHelix.test03(), and PathTests.TestPathHelix.TestPathHelix.test04().

◆ test_postprocessors()

def PathTests.TestPathPost.TestPathPost.test_postprocessors (   self)
Test the postprocessors.

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