ShapeInfo Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

double nearest (const gp_Pnt &pt)
TopoDS_Shape rebaseWire (gp_Pnt &pend, double min_dist)
 ShapeInfo (const gp_Pln &pln, const TopoDS_Shape &shape, ShapeParams &params)
 ShapeInfo (const TopoDS_Shape &shape, ShapeParams &params)
std::list< TopoDS_Shape > sortWires (const gp_Pnt &pstart, gp_Pnt &pend, double min_dist, double max_dist, gp_Pnt *pentry)

Public Attributes

Standard_Real myBestParameter
gp_Pnt myBestPt
Wires::iterator myBestWire
bool myPlanar
gp_Pln myPln
bool myRebase
RTree myRTree
TopoDS_Shape myShape
bool myStart
gp_Pnt myStartPt
TopoDS_Shape mySupport
bool mySupportEdge
Wires myWires

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ShapeInfo() [1/2]

ShapeInfo::ShapeInfo ( const gp_Pln &  pln,
const TopoDS_Shape &  shape,
ShapeParams params 

◆ ShapeInfo() [2/2]

ShapeInfo::ShapeInfo ( const TopoDS_Shape &  shape,
ShapeParams params 

Member Function Documentation

◆ nearest()

double ShapeInfo::nearest ( const gp_Pnt &  pt)

◆ rebaseWire()

TopoDS_Shape ShapeInfo::rebaseWire ( gp_Pnt &  pend,
double  min_dist 

◆ sortWires()

std::list< TopoDS_Shape > ShapeInfo::sortWires ( const gp_Pnt &  pstart,
gp_Pnt &  pend,
double  min_dist,
double  max_dist,
gp_Pnt *  pentry 

Member Data Documentation

◆ myBestParameter

Standard_Real ShapeInfo::myBestParameter

◆ myBestPt

gp_Pnt ShapeInfo::myBestPt

◆ myBestWire

Wires::iterator ShapeInfo::myBestWire

◆ myParams

ShapeParams& ShapeInfo::myParams

◆ myPlanar

bool ShapeInfo::myPlanar

◆ myPln

gp_Pln ShapeInfo::myPln

◆ myRebase

bool ShapeInfo::myRebase

◆ myRTree

RTree ShapeInfo::myRTree

◆ myShape

TopoDS_Shape ShapeInfo::myShape

◆ myStart

bool ShapeInfo::myStart

◆ myStartPt

gp_Pnt ShapeInfo::myStartPt

◆ mySupport

TopoDS_Shape ShapeInfo::mySupport

◆ mySupportEdge

bool ShapeInfo::mySupportEdge

◆ myWires

Wires ShapeInfo::myWires

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