ifc2x3.ifccostvalue Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def condition ()
def costtype ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc2x3.ifcappliedvalue
def applicabledate ()
def appliedvalue ()
def description ()
def fixeduntildate ()
def iscomponentin ()
def name ()
def unitbasis ()
def valueofcomponents ()
def valuesreferenced ()
def wr1 (self)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from ifc2x3.ifcappliedvalue

Detailed Description

Entity ifccostvalue definition.

    :param costtype
    :type costtype:ifclabel

    :param condition
    :type condition:ifctext

Member Function Documentation

◆ condition()

def ifc2x3.ifccostvalue.condition ( )

References ap203_configuration_controlled_3d_design_of_mechanical_parts_and_assemblies_mim_lf.conditional_concept_feature._condition, automotive_design.conditional_concept_feature._condition, ifc2x3.ifccostvalue._condition, and ifc4.ifcappliedvalue._condition.

◆ costtype()

def ifc2x3.ifccostvalue.costtype ( )

References ifc2x3.ifccostvalue._costtype.

Member Data Documentation

◆ condition


◆ costtype


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