#include <TaskFemConstraintTransform.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string get_transform_type (void) const
double get_X_rot () const
double get_Y_rot () const
double get_Z_rot () const
const std::string getReferences () const
 TaskFemConstraintTransform (ViewProviderFemConstraintTransform *ConstraintView, QWidget *parent=0)
 ~TaskFemConstraintTransform ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FemGui::TaskFemConstraint
const std::string getReferences (const std::vector< std::string > &items) const
const std::string getScale () const
 TaskFemConstraint (ViewProviderFemConstraint *ConstraintView, QWidget *parent=0, const char *pixmapname="")
virtual ~TaskFemConstraint ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::TaskView::TaskBox
void hideGroupBox ()
bool isGroupVisible () const
virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const
 TaskBox (const QPixmap &icon, const QString &title, bool expandable=true, QWidget *parent=0)
 Constructor. More...
 TaskBox (const QString &title, bool expandable=true, QWidget *parent=0)
 Constructor. More...
 TaskBox (QWidget *parent=0)
 Constructor. More...
 ~TaskBox ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSint::ActionGroup
 ActionGroup (const QPixmap &icon, const QString &title, bool expandable=true, QWidget *parent=0)
 Constructor. More...
 ActionGroup (const QString &title, bool expandable=true, QWidget *parent=0)
 Constructor. More...
 ActionGroup (QWidget *parent=0)
 Constructor. More...
ActionLabeladdAction (QAction *action, bool addToLayout=true, bool addStretch=true)
 Creates action item from the action and returns it. More...
ActionLabeladdActionLabel (ActionLabel *label, bool addToLayout=true, bool addStretch=true)
 Adds label to the group. More...
bool addWidget (QWidget *widget, bool addToLayout=true, bool addStretch=true)
 Adds widget to the group. More...
QBoxLayout * groupLayout ()
 Returns group's layout (QVBoxLayout by default). More...
bool hasHeader () const
 Returns true if the group has header. More...
QString headerText () const
 Returns text of the header. More...
bool isExpandable () const
 Returns true if the group is expandable. More...
QSize minimumSizeHint () const
void setScheme (ActionPanelScheme *pointer)
 Sets the scheme of the panel and all the child groups to scheme. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::SelectionObserver
void attachSelection ()
 Attaches to the selection. More...
bool blockConnection (bool block)
void detachSelection ()
 Detaches from the selection. More...
bool isConnectionAttached () const
bool isConnectionBlocked () const
 SelectionObserver (bool attach=true, int resolve=1)
 Constructor. More...
 SelectionObserver (const Gui::ViewProviderDocumentObject *vp, bool attach=true, int resolve=1)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~SelectionObserver ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string getSurfaceReferences (const std::string showConstr)

Protected Member Functions

void changeEvent (QEvent *e)
bool event (QEvent *e)
const QString makeText (const App::DocumentObject *obj) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FemGui::TaskFemConstraint
void createDeleteAction (QListWidget *parentList)
bool KeyEvent (QEvent *e)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *ke)
const QString makeRefText (const App::DocumentObject *obj, const std::string &subName) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Gui::TaskView::TaskBox
void actionEvent (QActionEvent *)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QSint::ActionGroup
void init (bool header)
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from QSint::ActionGroup
void setExpandable (bool expandable=true)
 Makes the group expandable if expandable is set to true. More...
void setHeader (bool enable=true)
 Enables/disables group's header according to enable. More...
void setHeaderText (const QString &title)
 Sets text of the header to title. More...
void showHide ()
 Expands/collapses the group. More...
- Protected Types inherited from FemGui::TaskFemConstraint
enum  { seldir , selref , selloc , selnone }
- Protected Slots inherited from FemGui::TaskFemConstraint
void onButtonReference (const bool pressed=true)
void onButtonWizCancel ()
void onButtonWizOk ()
void onReferenceDeleted (const int row)
void setSelection (QListWidgetItem *item)
- Protected Slots inherited from QSint::ActionGroup
void processHide ()
void processShow ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from FemGui::TaskFemConstraint
QAction * deleteAction
enum FemGui::TaskFemConstraint:: { ... }  selectionMode
- Protected Attributes inherited from QSint::ActionGroup
double m_foldDelta
int m_foldDirection
QPixmap m_foldPixmap
double m_foldStep
double m_fullHeight
double m_tempHeight
class TaskGroupmyGroup
class TaskHeadermyHeader
- Properties inherited from QSint::ActionGroup
bool expandable
bool header
QString headerText

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TaskFemConstraintTransform()

◆ ~TaskFemConstraintTransform()

TaskFemConstraintTransform::~TaskFemConstraintTransform ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ changeEvent()

void TaskFemConstraintTransform::changeEvent ( QEvent e)

Reimplemented from FemGui::TaskFemConstraint.

◆ event()

bool TaskFemConstraintTransform::event ( QEvent e)

◆ get_transform_type()

std::string TaskFemConstraintTransform::get_transform_type ( void  ) const

◆ get_X_rot()

double TaskFemConstraintTransform::get_X_rot ( ) const

◆ get_Y_rot()

double TaskFemConstraintTransform::get_Y_rot ( ) const

◆ get_Z_rot()

double TaskFemConstraintTransform::get_Z_rot ( ) const

◆ getReferences()

const std::string TaskFemConstraintTransform::getReferences ( void  ) const

◆ getSurfaceReferences()

std::string TaskFemConstraintTransform::getSurfaceReferences ( const std::string  showConstr = "")

◆ makeText()

const QString TaskFemConstraintTransform::makeText ( const App::DocumentObject obj) const

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