MeshCore::MeshEvalDuplicateFacets Class Reference

The MeshEvalDuplicateFacets class searches for duplicated facets. More...

#include <Degeneration.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Evaluate ()
 Searches for duplicated facets. More...
std::vector< FacetIndexGetIndices () const
 Returns the indices of all duplicated facets. More...
 MeshEvalDuplicateFacets (const MeshKernel &rclM)
 Construction. More...
 ~MeshEvalDuplicateFacets ()
 Destruction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MeshCore::MeshEvaluation
virtual bool Evaluate ()=0
 Evaluates the mesh kernel with respect to certain criteria. More...
 MeshEvaluation (const MeshKernel &rclB)
virtual ~MeshEvaluation ()

Detailed Description

The MeshEvalDuplicateFacets class searches for duplicated facets.

A facet is regarded as duplicated if all its point indices refer to the same location in the point array of the mesh kernel. The actual geometric points are not taken into consideration.

See also
Werner Mayer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshEvalDuplicateFacets()

MeshCore::MeshEvalDuplicateFacets::MeshEvalDuplicateFacets ( const MeshKernel rclM)


◆ ~MeshEvalDuplicateFacets()

MeshCore::MeshEvalDuplicateFacets::~MeshEvalDuplicateFacets ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ Evaluate()

bool MeshEvalDuplicateFacets::Evaluate ( )

Searches for duplicated facets.

Implements MeshCore::MeshEvaluation.

Referenced by MeshGui::DlgEvaluateMeshImp::on_repairAllTogether_clicked().

◆ GetIndices()

std::vector< FacetIndex > MeshEvalDuplicateFacets::GetIndices ( ) const

Returns the indices of all duplicated facets.

Referenced by MeshGui::DlgEvaluateMeshImp::on_analyzeDuplicatedFacesButton_clicked().

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