DocumentObject.Box Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def customFunctionSetLength (self, attr)
def execute (self)
def init (self)
def propertyChanged (self, prop)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DocumentObject.DocumentObject
def addProperty (self, typ, name='', group='', doc='', attr=0, readonly=False, hidden=False)
def Content (self)
def Document (self)
def execute (self)
def getAllDerivedFrom (self)
def getDocumentationOfProperty (self, attr)
def getEnumerationsOfProperty (self, attr)
def getGroupOfProperty (self, attr)
def getProperty (self, attr)
def getTypeOfProperty (self, attr)
def init (self)
def InList (self)
def isDerivedFrom (self, obj)
def MemSize (self)
def Module (self)
def Name (self)
def onChanged (self, prop)
def OutList (self)
def PropertiesList (self)
def propertyChanged (self, prop)
def purgeTouched (self)
def State (self)
def supportedProperties (self)
def touch (self)
def Type (self)
def ViewObject (self)
def ViewObject (self, value)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from DocumentObject.DocumentObject

Static Public Attributes

string type = "Part::FeaturePython"

Member Function Documentation

◆ customFunctionSetLength()

def DocumentObject.Box.customFunctionSetLength (   self,

◆ execute()

◆ init()

◆ propertyChanged()

def DocumentObject.Box.propertyChanged (   self,

Reimplemented from DocumentObject.DocumentObject.

References DocumentObject.Box._recomputeShape().

Referenced by DocumentObject.DocumentObject.onChanged().

Member Data Documentation

◆ Length

◆ Shape


◆ type

string DocumentObject.Box.type = "Part::FeaturePython"

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