AttacherGui::AttacherGuiPy Class Reference

#include <AttacherTexts.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static PyObjectsGetModeStrings (PyObject *, PyObject *args)
static PyObjectsGetRefTypeUserFriendlyName (PyObject *, PyObject *args)

Static Public Attributes

static PyMethodDef Methods []

Member Function Documentation

◆ sGetModeStrings()

PyObject * AttacherGui::AttacherGuiPy::sGetModeStrings ( PyObject ,
PyObject args 

◆ sGetRefTypeUserFriendlyName()

PyObject * AttacherGui::AttacherGuiPy::sGetRefTypeUserFriendlyName ( PyObject ,
PyObject args 

Member Data Documentation

◆ Methods

PyMethodDef AttacherGui::AttacherGuiPy::Methods
Initial value:
= {
{"getModeStrings", (PyCFunction) AttacherGuiPy::sGetModeStrings, METH_VARARGS,
"getModeStrings(attacher_type, mode_index) - gets mode user-friendly name and brief description."},
{"getRefTypeUserFriendlyName", (PyCFunction) AttacherGuiPy::sGetRefTypeUserFriendlyName, METH_VARARGS,
"getRefTypeUserFriendlyName(type_index) - gets user-friendly name of AttachEngine's shape type."},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

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