feminout.importInpMesh Namespace Reference


def import_inp (filename)
def insert (filename, docname)
def open (filename)
def read (filename)
def read_inp (file_name)


 pyopen = open

Function Documentation

◆ import_inp()

def feminout.importInpMesh.import_inp (   filename)
read a FEM mesh from a Z88 mesh file and insert a FreeCAD FEM Mesh object in the ActiveDocument

References feminout.importInpMesh.read().

Referenced by feminout.importInpMesh.insert().

◆ insert()

def feminout.importInpMesh.insert (   filename,

◆ open()

def feminout.importInpMesh.open (   filename)

◆ read()

def feminout.importInpMesh.read (   filename)
read a FemMesh from a inp mesh file and return the FemMesh

References feminout.importInpMesh.read_inp().

Referenced by feminout.importInpMesh.import_inp().

◆ read_inp()

def feminout.importInpMesh.read_inp (   file_name)
read .inp file 

References feminout.importInpMesh.pyopen.

Referenced by feminout.importInpMesh.read().

Variable Documentation

◆ pyopen

feminout.importInpMesh.pyopen = open