PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def test00 (self)
def test001 (self)
def test002 (self)
def test003 (self)
def test004 (self)
def test005 (self)
def test006 (self)
def test007 (self)
def test008 (self)
def test009 (self)
def test010 (self)

Member Function Documentation

◆ test00()

◆ test001()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test001 (   self)
Stepping from zero to a negative depth

◆ test002()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test002 (   self)
Start and end are equal or start lower than finish

◆ test003()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test003 (   self)
User Parameters passed in

◆ test004()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test004 (   self)
z_finish_step passed in.

◆ test005()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test005 (   self)
stepping down with equalstep=True

◆ test006()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test006 (   self)
stepping down with equalstep=True and a finish depth

◆ test007()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test007 (   self)
stepping down with stepdown greater than total depth

◆ test008()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test008 (   self)
Test handling of negative step-down, negative finish step, and relative size of step/finish

◆ test009()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test009 (   self)
stepping down with single stepdown exactly equal to total depth

◆ test010()

def PathTests.TestPathDepthParams.depthTestCases.test010 (   self)
stepping down with single stepdown roughly equal to total depth

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