MeshPart::CurveProjectorWithToolMesh Class Reference

Project by projecting a sampled curve to the mesh. More...

#include <CurveProjector.h>


struct  LineSeg

Public Member Functions

 CurveProjectorWithToolMesh (const TopoDS_Shape &aShape, const MeshKernel &pMesh, MeshKernel &rToolMesh)
void makeToolMesh (const TopoDS_Edge &aEdge, std::vector< MeshGeomFacet > &cVAry)
virtual ~CurveProjectorWithToolMesh ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MeshPart::CurveProjector
 CurveProjector (const TopoDS_Shape &aShape, const MeshKernel &pMesh)
result_typeresult (void)
void writeIntersectionPointsToFile (const char *name="export_pts.asc")
virtual ~CurveProjector ()

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

virtual void Do ()
virtual void Do ()=0

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef std::map< TopoDS_Edge, std::vector< FaceSplitEdge >, TopoDSLess< TopoDS_Edge > > result_type
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result_type mvEdgeSplitPoints

Detailed Description

Project by projecting a sampled curve to the mesh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CurveProjectorWithToolMesh()

CurveProjectorWithToolMesh::CurveProjectorWithToolMesh ( const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape,
const MeshKernel pMesh,
MeshKernel rToolMesh 

References Do().

◆ ~CurveProjectorWithToolMesh()

virtual MeshPart::CurveProjectorWithToolMesh::~CurveProjectorWithToolMesh ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Do()

void CurveProjectorWithToolMesh::Do ( void  )

◆ makeToolMesh()

Member Data Documentation

◆ ToolMesh

MeshKernel& MeshPart::CurveProjectorWithToolMesh::ToolMesh

Referenced by Do().

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