PartGui::SteppedSelection Class Reference

#include <TaskDimension.h>

Public Member Functions

QPushButtongetButton (const uint &index)
void setIconDone (const uint &index)
 SteppedSelection (const uint &buttonCountIn, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 ~SteppedSelection ()

Protected Types

typedef std::pair< QPushButton *, QLabel * > ButtonIconPairType

Protected Attributes

std::vector< ButtonIconPairTypebuttons
QPixmap * stepActive
QPixmap * stepDone

Detailed Description

a widget with buttons and icons for a controlled selection process

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ButtonIconPairType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SteppedSelection()

PartGui::SteppedSelection::SteppedSelection ( const uint &  buttonCountIn,
QWidget parent = nullptr 

◆ ~SteppedSelection()

PartGui::SteppedSelection::~SteppedSelection ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getButton()

QPushButton * PartGui::SteppedSelection::getButton ( const uint &  index)

◆ setIconDone()

void PartGui::SteppedSelection::setIconDone ( const uint &  index)

Member Data Documentation

◆ buttons

◆ stepActive

QPixmap* PartGui::SteppedSelection::stepActive

◆ stepDone

QPixmap* PartGui::SteppedSelection::stepDone

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