ArchSpace Namespace Reference

The Space object and tools. More...


class  SpaceTaskPanel


def addSpaceBoundaries (space, subobjects)
def makeSpace (objects=None, baseobj=None, name="Space")
def removeSpaceBoundaries (space, objects)


list ConditioningTypes
list SpaceTypes

Detailed Description

The Space object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Space objects. Spaces define an open volume inside or outside a building, ie. a room.

Function Documentation

◆ addSpaceBoundaries()

def ArchSpace.addSpaceBoundaries (   space,
addSpaceBoundaries(space,subobjects): adds the given subobjects to the given space

◆ makeSpace()

def ArchSpace.makeSpace (   objects = None,
  baseobj = None,
  name = "Space" 
makeSpace([objects]): Creates a space object from the given objects. Objects can be one
document object, in which case it becomes the base shape of the space object, or a list of
selection objects as got from getSelectionEx(), or a list of tuples (object, subobjectname)

◆ removeSpaceBoundaries()

Variable Documentation

◆ ConditioningTypes

list ArchSpace.ConditioningTypes
Initial value:
1 = [
2 "Unconditioned",
3 "Heated",
4 "Cooled",
5 "HeatedAndCooled",
6 "Vented",
7 "NaturallyVentedOnly"
8 ]

◆ SpaceTypes

list ArchSpace.SpaceTypes