PathScripts.PathEngraveBase.ObjectOp Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def appendCommand (self, cmd, z, relZ, feed)
def buildpathocc (self, obj, wires, zValues, relZ=False, forward=True, start_idx=0)
def getZValues (self, obj)
def opSetDefaultValues (self, obj, job)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PathScripts.PathOp.ObjectOp
def addBase (self, obj, base, sub)
def addBaseProperty (self, obj)
def addOpValues (self, obj, values)
def applyExpression (self, obj, prop, expr)
def execute (self, obj)
def getCycleTimeEstimate (self, obj)
def getJob (self, obj)
def initOperation (self, obj)
def isToolSupported (self, obj, tool)
def onChanged (self, obj, prop)
def onDocumentRestored (self, obj)
def opExecute (self, obj)
def opFeatures (self, obj)
def opOnChanged (self, obj, prop)
def opOnDocumentRestored (self, obj)
def opPropertyEnumerations (self, dataType="data")
def opRejectAddBase (self, obj, base, sub)
def opSetDefaultValues (self, obj, job)
def opUpdateDepths (self, obj)
def sanitizeBase (self, obj)
def setDefaultValues (self, obj)
def setEditorModes (self, obj, features)
def updateDepths (self, obj, ignoreErrors=False)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from PathScripts.PathOp.ObjectOp

Detailed Description

Proxy base class for engrave operations.

Member Function Documentation

◆ appendCommand()

def PathScripts.PathEngraveBase.ObjectOp.appendCommand (   self,

◆ buildpathocc()

◆ getZValues()

def PathScripts.PathEngraveBase.ObjectOp.getZValues (   self,

◆ opSetDefaultValues()

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