TechDrawGui::QGVPage::Private Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void init ()
void OnChange (ParameterGrp::SubjectType &rCaller, ParameterGrp::MessageType Reason) override
 Observer message from the ParameterGrp. More...
 Private (QGVPage *page)

Public Attributes

ParameterGrp::handle hGrp
 handle to the viewer parameter group More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

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Member Data Documentation

◆ hGrp

ParameterGrp::handle TechDrawGui::QGVPage::Private::hGrp

handle to the viewer parameter group

Referenced by TechDrawGui::QGVPage::Private::init(), and TechDrawGui::QGVPage::Private::Private().

◆ page

QGVPage* TechDrawGui::QGVPage::Private::page

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