SoGesturePinchEvent Class Reference

#include <SoTouchEvents.h>

Public Member Functions

SbBool isSoGesturePinchEvent (const SoEvent *ev) const
 SoGesturePinchEvent ()
 SoGesturePinchEvent (QPinchGesture *qpinch, QWidget *widget)
 ~SoGesturePinchEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoGestureEvent
SbBool isSoGestureEvent (const SoEvent *ev) const
 SoGestureEvent ()
 ~SoGestureEvent ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void initClass ()
static double unbranchAngle (double ang)
 SoGesturePinchEvent::unbranchAngle : utility function to bring an angle into -pi..pi region. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoGestureEvent
static void initClass ()

Public Attributes

SbVec2f curCenter
double deltaAngle
SbVec2f deltaCenter
double deltaZoom
SbVec2f startCenter
double totalAngle
double totalZoom
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SbGestureState state

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SoGestureEvent
enum  SbGestureState {
  SbGSNoGesture = Qt::NoGesture , SbGSStart = Qt::GestureStarted , SbGSUpdate = Qt::GestureUpdated , SbGSEnd = Qt::GestureFinished ,
  SbGsCanceled = Qt::GestureCanceled

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoGesturePinchEvent() [1/2]

SoGesturePinchEvent::SoGesturePinchEvent ( )

◆ SoGesturePinchEvent() [2/2]

SoGesturePinchEvent::SoGesturePinchEvent ( QPinchGesture *  qpinch,
QWidget widget 

◆ ~SoGesturePinchEvent()

SoGesturePinchEvent::~SoGesturePinchEvent ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ initClass()

static void SoGesturePinchEvent::initClass ( void  )

◆ isSoGesturePinchEvent()

SbBool SoGesturePinchEvent::isSoGesturePinchEvent ( const SoEvent ev) const

◆ unbranchAngle()

double SoGesturePinchEvent::unbranchAngle ( double  ang)

SoGesturePinchEvent::unbranchAngle : utility function to bring an angle into -pi..pi region.

ang- in radians

Referenced by SoGesturePinchEvent().

Member Data Documentation

◆ curCenter

SbVec2f SoGesturePinchEvent::curCenter

◆ deltaAngle

double SoGesturePinchEvent::deltaAngle

◆ deltaCenter

SbVec2f SoGesturePinchEvent::deltaCenter

◆ deltaZoom

double SoGesturePinchEvent::deltaZoom

◆ startCenter

SbVec2f SoGesturePinchEvent::startCenter

Referenced by SoGesturePinchEvent().

◆ totalAngle

double SoGesturePinchEvent::totalAngle

Referenced by SoGesturePinchEvent().

◆ totalZoom

double SoGesturePinchEvent::totalZoom

Referenced by SoGesturePinchEvent().

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