PathScripts.PathLog Namespace Reference


class  Level


def debug (msg)
def error (msg)
def getLevel (module=None)
def info (msg)
def logToConsole (yes)
def notice (msg)
def setLevel (level, module=None)
def thisModule ()
def track (*args)
def trackAllModules (boolean)
def trackModule (module=None)
def untrackAllModules ()
def untrackModule (module=None)
def warning (msg)

Function Documentation

◆ debug()

def PathScripts.PathLog.debug (   msg)

◆ error()

def PathScripts.PathLog.error (   msg)

◆ getLevel()

def PathScripts.PathLog.getLevel (   module = None)
(module = None) - return the global (None) or module specific log level.

Referenced by PathScripts.PathLog.thisModule().

◆ info()

def (   msg)

◆ logToConsole()

def PathScripts.PathLog.logToConsole (   yes)
(boolean) - if set to True (default behaviour) log messages are printed to the console. Otherwise they are printed to stdout.

◆ notice()

def PathScripts.PathLog.notice (   msg)

◆ setLevel()

def PathScripts.PathLog.setLevel (   level,
  module = None 
(level, module = None)
if no module is specified the default log level is set.
Otherwise the module specific log level is changed (use RESET to clear).

◆ thisModule()

def PathScripts.PathLog.thisModule ( )
returns the module id of the caller, can be used for setLevel, getLevel and trackModule.

References PathScripts.PathLog.getLevel().

◆ track()

def PathScripts.PathLog.track ( args)
(....) - call with arguments of current function you want logged if tracking is enabled.

◆ trackAllModules()

def PathScripts.PathLog.trackAllModules (   boolean)
(boolean) - if True all modules will be tracked, otherwise tracking is up to the module setting.

◆ trackModule()

def PathScripts.PathLog.trackModule (   module = None)
(module = None) - start tracking given module, current module if not set.

◆ untrackAllModules()

def PathScripts.PathLog.untrackAllModules ( )
In addition to stop tracking all modules it also clears the tracking flag for all individual modules.

◆ untrackModule()

def PathScripts.PathLog.untrackModule (   module = None)
(module = None) - stop tracking given module, current module if not set.

◆ warning()

def PathScripts.PathLog.warning (   msg)