Gui::Ui_DlgTreeWidget Class Reference

#include <ui_DlgTreeWidget.h>

Public Member Functions

void retranslateUi (QDialog *Gui__DlgTreeWidget)
void setupUi (QDialog *Gui__DlgTreeWidget)

Public Attributes

QDialogButtonBox * buttonBox
QGridLayout * gridLayout
QGridLayout * gridLayout_2
QGroupBox * groupBox

Member Function Documentation

◆ retranslateUi()

◆ setupUi()

void Gui::Ui_DlgTreeWidget::setupUi ( QDialog Gui__DlgTreeWidget)

Member Data Documentation

◆ buttonBox

◆ gridLayout

QGridLayout* Gui::Ui_DlgTreeWidget::gridLayout

Referenced by setupUi().

◆ gridLayout_2

QGridLayout* Gui::Ui_DlgTreeWidget::gridLayout_2

Referenced by setupUi().

◆ groupBox

QGroupBox* Gui::Ui_DlgTreeWidget::groupBox

Referenced by retranslateUi(), and setupUi().

◆ treeWidget

QTreeWidget* Gui::Ui_DlgTreeWidget::treeWidget

Referenced by retranslateUi(), and setupUi().

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