App::PropertyListsBase Class Referenceabstract

Helper class to construct list like properties. More...

#include <Property.h>

Public Member Functions

void clearTouchList ()
virtual int getSize (void) const =0
const std::set< int > & getTouchList () const
virtual void setSize (int newSize)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void setPyValues (const std::vector< PyObject * > &vals, const std::vector< int > &indices)

Detailed Description

Helper class to construct list like properties.

This class is not derived from Property so that we can have more that one base class for list like properties, e.g. see PropertyList, and PropertyLinkListBase

Member Function Documentation

◆ clearTouchList()

void App::PropertyListsBase::clearTouchList ( )

◆ getSize()

◆ getTouchList()

const std::set< int > & App::PropertyListsBase::getTouchList ( ) const

◆ setPyValues()

◆ setSize()

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