TechDrawGui::Grabber3d Class Reference

Utility functions for obtaining 3d window image. More...

#include <Grabber3d.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static double copyActiveViewToSvgFile (App::Document *appDoc, std::string fileSpec, double outWidth=138.5, double outHeight=95.0, bool paintBackground=true, const QColor &bgcolor=QColor(Qt::white), double lineWidth=1.0, double border=0.0, int mode=0)
static SoSeparatorcopySceneGraph (SoNode *sgIn)
static void execVectorizeAction (Gui::View3DInventorViewer *viewer, SoVectorizeAction *va, double width, double height, bool paintBackground, const QColor &bgcolor, double lineWidth, double border)
static double getPaperScale (Gui::View3DInventorViewer *viewer, double pWidth, double pHeight)
static double getViewerScale (Gui::View3DInventorViewer *viewer)
static void postProcessSvg (std::string fileSpec)

Detailed Description

Utility functions for obtaining 3d window image.

Member Function Documentation

◆ copyActiveViewToSvgFile()

double Grabber3d::copyActiveViewToSvgFile ( App::Document appDoc,
std::string  fileSpec,
double  outWidth = 138.5,
double  outHeight = 95.0,
bool  paintBackground = true,
const QColor &  bgcolor = QColor(Qt::white),
double  lineWidth = 1.0,
double  border = 0.0,
int  mode = 0 

◆ copySceneGraph()

SoSeparator * Grabber3d::copySceneGraph ( SoNode sgIn)

Referenced by copyActiveViewToSvgFile().

◆ execVectorizeAction()

void Grabber3d::execVectorizeAction ( Gui::View3DInventorViewer viewer,
SoVectorizeAction va,
double  width,
double  height,
bool  paintBackground,
const QColor &  bgcolor,
double  lineWidth,
double  border 

◆ getPaperScale()

double Grabber3d::getPaperScale ( Gui::View3DInventorViewer viewer,
double  pWidth,
double  pHeight 

◆ getViewerScale()

double Grabber3d::getViewerScale ( Gui::View3DInventorViewer viewer)

◆ postProcessSvg()

void Grabber3d::postProcessSvg ( std::string  fileSpec)

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