PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def clearance_height (self)
def final_depth (self)
def next (self)
def safe_height (self)
def start_depth (self)
def step_down (self)
def user_depths (self)
def z_finish_depth (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

calculates the intermediate depth values for various operations given the starting, ending, and stepdown parameters
(self, clearance_height, safe_height, start_depth, step_down, z_finish_depth, final_depth, [user_depths=None], equalstep=False)

    Note: if user_depths are supplied, only user_depths will be used.

    clearance_height:   Height to clear all obstacles
    safe_height:        Height to clear raw stock material
    start_depth:        Top of Model
    step_down:          Distance to step down between passes (always positive)
    z_finish_step:      Maximum amount of material to remove on the final pass
    final_depth:        Lowest point of the cutting operation
    user_depths:        List of specified depths
    equalstep:          Boolean.  If True, steps down except Z_finish_depth will be balanced.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clearance_height()

def PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.clearance_height (   self)
Height of all vises, clamps, and other obstructions.  Rapid moves at clearance height
are always assumed to be safe from collision.

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__clearance_height.

◆ final_depth()

def PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.final_depth (   self)
The height of the cutter during the last pass or finish pass if
z_finish_pass is given.

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__final_depth.

◆ next()

def (   self)

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__next__().

◆ safe_height()

def PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.safe_height (   self)
Height of top of raw stock material.  Rapid moves above safe height are
assumed to be safe within an operation.  May not be safe between
operations or tool changes.
All moves below safe height except retraction should be at feed rate.

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__safe_height.

◆ start_depth()

def PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.start_depth (   self)
Start Depth is the top of the model.

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__start_depth.

◆ step_down()

def PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.step_down (   self)
Maximum step down value between passes.  Step-Down may be less than
this value, especially if equalstep is True.

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__step_down.

◆ user_depths()

def PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.user_depths (   self)
Returns a list of the user_specified depths.  If user_depths were given
in __init__, these depths override all calculation and only these are

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__equal_steps(), PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__filter_roughly_equal_depths(), PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__final_depth, PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__fixed_steps(), PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__start_depth, PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__step_down, PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__user_depths, PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__z_finish_step, and PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.user_depths().

Referenced by PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.user_depths().

◆ z_finish_depth()

def PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.z_finish_depth (   self)
The amount of material to remove on the finish pass.  If given, the
final pass will remove exactly this amount.

References PathScripts.PathUtils.depth_params.__z_finish_step.

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