e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder Class Reference

#include <Decoder.h>

Public Member Functions

 ConstantIntegerDecoder (bool isScaledInteger, unsigned bytestreamNumber, SourceDestBuffer &dbuf, int64_t minimum, double scale, double offset, uint64_t maxRecordCount)
void destBufferSetNew (std::vector< SourceDestBuffer > &dbufs) override
size_t inputProcess (const char *source, const size_t availableByteCount) override
void stateReset () override
uint64_t totalRecordsCompleted () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from e57::Decoder
unsigned bytestreamNumber () const
 Decoder ()=delete
virtual void destBufferSetNew (std::vector< SourceDestBuffer > &dbufs)=0
virtual size_t inputProcess (const char *source, const size_t count)=0
virtual void stateReset ()=0
virtual uint64_t totalRecordsCompleted ()=0
virtual ~Decoder ()=default

Protected Attributes

uint64_t currentRecordIndex_ = 0
std::shared_ptr< SourceDestBufferImpldestBuffer_
bool isScaledInteger_
uint64_t maxRecordCount_
int64_t minimum_
double offset_
double scale_
- Protected Attributes inherited from e57::Decoder
unsigned int bytestreamNumber_

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from e57::Decoder
static std::shared_ptr< DecoderDecoderFactory (unsigned bytestreamNumber, const CompressedVectorNodeImpl *cVector, std::vector< SourceDestBuffer > &dbufs, const ustring &codecPath)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from e57::Decoder
 Decoder (unsigned bytestreamNumber)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConstantIntegerDecoder()

ConstantIntegerDecoder::ConstantIntegerDecoder ( bool  isScaledInteger,
unsigned  bytestreamNumber,
SourceDestBuffer dbuf,
int64_t  minimum,
double  scale,
double  offset,
uint64_t  maxRecordCount 

Member Function Documentation

◆ destBufferSetNew()

void ConstantIntegerDecoder::destBufferSetNew ( std::vector< SourceDestBuffer > &  dbufs)

◆ inputProcess()

size_t ConstantIntegerDecoder::inputProcess ( const char *  source,
const size_t  availableByteCount 

We don't need any input bytes to produce output, so ignore source and availableByteCount.

Fill dest buffer unless get to maxRecordCount

Implements e57::Decoder.

References currentRecordIndex_, destBuffer_, isScaledInteger_, maxRecordCount_, minimum_, offset_, and scale_.

◆ stateReset()

void ConstantIntegerDecoder::stateReset ( )

Implements e57::Decoder.

◆ totalRecordsCompleted()

uint64_t e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::totalRecordsCompleted ( )

Implements e57::Decoder.

References currentRecordIndex_.

Member Data Documentation

◆ currentRecordIndex_

uint64_t e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::currentRecordIndex_ = 0

◆ destBuffer_

std::shared_ptr<SourceDestBufferImpl> e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::destBuffer_

Referenced by destBufferSetNew(), and inputProcess().

◆ isScaledInteger_

bool e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::isScaledInteger_

Referenced by inputProcess().

◆ maxRecordCount_

uint64_t e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::maxRecordCount_

Referenced by inputProcess().

◆ minimum_

int64_t e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::minimum_

Referenced by inputProcess().

◆ offset_

double e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::offset_

Referenced by inputProcess().

◆ scale_

double e57::ConstantIntegerDecoder::scale_

Referenced by inputProcess().

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