MeshCore::MeshIntersection Class Reference

#include <SetOperations.h>


struct  Pair
struct  Triple
struct  Tuple

Public Member Functions

void connectLines (bool onlyclosed, const std::list< Tuple > &, std::list< std::list< Triple > > &)
void getIntersection (std::list< Tuple > &) const
bool hasIntersection () const
 MeshIntersection (const MeshKernel &m1, const MeshKernel &m2, float dist)
 ~MeshIntersection ()

Detailed Description

Determine the intersections between two meshes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshIntersection()

MeshCore::MeshIntersection::MeshIntersection ( const MeshKernel m1,
const MeshKernel m2,
float  dist 

◆ ~MeshIntersection()

MeshCore::MeshIntersection::~MeshIntersection ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ connectLines()

void MeshIntersection::connectLines ( bool  onlyclosed,
const std::list< Tuple > &  rdata,
std::list< std::list< Triple > > &  lines 

From an unsorted list of intersection points make a list of sorted intersection points. If parameter onlyclosed is set to true then only closed intersection curves are taken and all other curves are filtered out.

References Base::DistanceP2(), MeshCore::MeshIntersection::Triple::f1, MeshCore::MeshIntersection::Triple::f2, and MeshCore::MeshIntersection::Triple::p.

Referenced by Mesh::MeshObject::section().

◆ getIntersection()

◆ hasIntersection()

bool MeshIntersection::hasIntersection ( ) const

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