MeshCore::MeshEvalDeformedFacets Class Reference

The MeshEvalDeformedFacets class searches for deformed facets. More...

#include <Degeneration.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Evaluate ()
 Searches deformed facets. More...
std::vector< FacetIndexGetIndices () const
 Returns the indices of deformed facets. More...
 MeshEvalDeformedFacets (const MeshKernel &rclM, float fMinAngle, float fMaxAngle)
 Construction. More...
 ~MeshEvalDeformedFacets ()
 Destruction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MeshCore::MeshEvaluation
virtual bool Evaluate ()=0
 Evaluates the mesh kernel with respect to certain criteria. More...
 MeshEvaluation (const MeshKernel &rclB)
virtual ~MeshEvaluation ()

Detailed Description

The MeshEvalDeformedFacets class searches for deformed facets.

A facet is regarded as deformed if an angle is < 30 deg or > 120 deg.

See also
Werner Mayer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshEvalDeformedFacets()

MeshCore::MeshEvalDeformedFacets::MeshEvalDeformedFacets ( const MeshKernel rclM,
float  fMinAngle,
float  fMaxAngle 


◆ ~MeshEvalDeformedFacets()

MeshCore::MeshEvalDeformedFacets::~MeshEvalDeformedFacets ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ Evaluate()

◆ GetIndices()

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