App::DocInfo Class Reference

Public Types

typedef boost::signals2::scoped_connection Connection

Public Member Functions

void attach (Document *doc)
void deinit ()
 DocInfo ()
const char * filePath () const
QString getFullPath () const
bool hasXLink (const App::Document *doc) const
void init (DocInfoMap::iterator pos, const char *objName, PropertyXLink *l)
void remove (PropertyXLink *l)
void slotDeleteDocument (const App::Document &doc)
void slotFinishRestoreDocument (const App::Document &doc)
void slotSaveDocument (const App::Document &doc)
 ~DocInfo ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void breakLinks (App::DocumentObject *obj, bool clear)
static DocInfoPtr get (const char *filename, App::Document *pDoc, PropertyXLink *l, const char *objName)
static std::string getDocPath (const char *filename, App::Document *pDoc, bool relative, QString *fullPath=nullptr)
static QString getFullPath (const char *p)
static void restoreDocument (const App::Document &doc)

Public Attributes

Connection connDeletedObject
Connection connDeleteDocument
Connection connFinishRestoreDocument
Connection connPendingReloadDocument
Connection connSaveDocument
std::set< PropertyXLink * > links
std::string myPath
DocInfoMap::iterator myPos

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Connection

typedef boost::signals2::scoped_connection App::DocInfo::Connection

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DocInfo()

App::DocInfo::DocInfo ( )

◆ ~DocInfo()

App::DocInfo::~DocInfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ attach()

◆ breakLinks()

static void App::DocInfo::breakLinks ( App::DocumentObject obj,
bool  clear 

References links.

Referenced by App::PropertyLinkBase::breakLinks().

◆ deinit()

◆ filePath()

const char * App::DocInfo::filePath ( ) const

References myPath.

Referenced by deinit(), and init().

◆ get()

◆ getDocPath()

static std::string App::DocInfo::getDocPath ( const char *  filename,
App::Document pDoc,
bool  relative,
QString *  fullPath = nullptr 

◆ getFullPath() [1/2]

QString App::DocInfo::getFullPath ( ) const

◆ getFullPath() [2/2]

static QString App::DocInfo::getFullPath ( const char *  p)

◆ hasXLink()

bool App::DocInfo::hasXLink ( const App::Document doc) const

References links.

◆ init()

◆ remove()

void App::DocInfo::remove ( PropertyXLink l)

References deinit(), and links.

◆ restoreDocument()

static void App::DocInfo::restoreDocument ( const App::Document doc)

◆ slotDeleteDocument()

void App::DocInfo::slotDeleteDocument ( const App::Document doc)

◆ slotFinishRestoreDocument()

void App::DocInfo::slotFinishRestoreDocument ( const App::Document doc)

References attach(), getFullPath(), and pcDoc.

Referenced by init(), and slotSaveDocument().

◆ slotSaveDocument()

void App::DocInfo::slotSaveDocument ( const App::Document doc)

Member Data Documentation

◆ connDeletedObject

Connection App::DocInfo::connDeletedObject

Referenced by deinit().

◆ connDeleteDocument

Connection App::DocInfo::connDeleteDocument

Referenced by deinit(), and init().

◆ connFinishRestoreDocument

Connection App::DocInfo::connFinishRestoreDocument

Referenced by deinit(), and init().

◆ connPendingReloadDocument

Connection App::DocInfo::connPendingReloadDocument

Referenced by deinit(), and init().

◆ connSaveDocument

Connection App::DocInfo::connSaveDocument

Referenced by deinit(), and init().

◆ links

std::set<PropertyXLink*> App::DocInfo::links

◆ myPath

std::string App::DocInfo::myPath

Referenced by deinit(), filePath(), and init().

◆ myPos

DocInfoMap::iterator App::DocInfo::myPos

◆ pcDoc

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