feminout.importToolsFem Namespace Reference


def fill_femresult_mechanical (res_obj, result_set)
def get_FemMeshObjectDimension (fem_mesh_obj)
def get_FemMeshObjectElementTypes (fem_mesh_obj, remove_zero_element_entries=True)
def get_FemMeshObjectMeshGroups (fem_mesh_obj)
def get_FemMeshObjectOrder (fem_mesh_obj)
def get_MaxDimElementFromList (elem_list)
def make_dict_from_femmesh (femmesh)
def make_femmesh (mesh_data)

Function Documentation

◆ fill_femresult_mechanical()

def feminout.importToolsFem.fill_femresult_mechanical (   res_obj,
 fills a FreeCAD FEM mechanical result object with result data

◆ get_FemMeshObjectDimension()

def feminout.importToolsFem.get_FemMeshObjectDimension (   fem_mesh_obj)
 Count all entities in an abstract sense, to distinguish which dimension the mesh is
    (i.e. linemesh, facemesh, volumemesh)

◆ get_FemMeshObjectElementTypes()

def feminout.importToolsFem.get_FemMeshObjectElementTypes (   fem_mesh_obj,
  remove_zero_element_entries = True 
    Spit out all elements in the mesh with their appropriate dimension.

◆ get_FemMeshObjectMeshGroups()

def feminout.importToolsFem.get_FemMeshObjectMeshGroups (   fem_mesh_obj)
    Get mesh groups from mesh.

◆ get_FemMeshObjectOrder()

def feminout.importToolsFem.get_FemMeshObjectOrder (   fem_mesh_obj)
    Gets element order. Element order counting based on number of nodes on
    edges. Edge with 2 nodes -> linear elements, Edge with 3 nodes ->
    quadratic elements, and so on. No edges in mesh -> not determined.
    (Is this possible? Seems to be a very degenerate case.)
    If there are edges with different number of nodes appearing, return
    list of orders.

◆ get_MaxDimElementFromList()

def feminout.importToolsFem.get_MaxDimElementFromList (   elem_list)
    Gets element with the maximal dimension in the mesh to determine cells.

◆ make_dict_from_femmesh()

def feminout.importToolsFem.make_dict_from_femmesh (   femmesh)
Converts FemMesh into dictionary structure which can immediately used
from importToolsFem.make_femmesh(mesh_data) to create a valid FEM mesh.

◆ make_femmesh()

def feminout.importToolsFem.make_femmesh (   mesh_data)
 makes an FreeCAD FEM Mesh object from FEM Mesh data