PathScripts.PathJobGui Namespace Reference


class  StockCreateBoxEdit
class  StockCreateCylinderEdit
class  StockEdit
class  StockFromBaseBoundBoxEdit
class  StockFromExistingEdit
class  TaskPanel
class  ViewProvider


def Create (base, template=None, openTaskPanel=True)
def selectionEx ()


 Draft = LazyLoader("Draft", globals(), "Draft")
 DraftVecUtils = LazyLoader("DraftVecUtils", globals(), "DraftVecUtils")
 Part = LazyLoader("Part", globals(), "Part")
 translate = FreeCAD.Qt.translate

Function Documentation

◆ Create()

def PathScripts.PathJobGui.Create (   base,
  template = None,
  openTaskPanel = True 
Create(base, template) ... creates a job instance for the given base object
using template to configure it.

◆ selectionEx()

Variable Documentation

◆ Draft

PathScripts.PathJobGui.Draft = LazyLoader("Draft", globals(), "Draft")

◆ DraftVecUtils

PathScripts.PathJobGui.DraftVecUtils = LazyLoader("DraftVecUtils", globals(), "DraftVecUtils")

◆ Part

PathScripts.PathJobGui.Part = LazyLoader("Part", globals(), "Part")

◆ translate

PathScripts.PathJobGui.translate = FreeCAD.Qt.translate