Gui::ExpressionLineEdit Class Reference

#include <ExpressionCompleter.h>

Public Slots

void slotCompleteText (const QString &completionPrefix)
void slotTextChanged (const QString &text)


void textChanged2 (QString text, int pos)

Public Member Functions

bool completerActive () const
 ExpressionLineEdit (QWidget *parent=nullptr, bool noProperty=false, char checkPrefix=0, bool checkInList=true)
void hideCompleter ()
void setDocumentObject (const App::DocumentObject *currentDocObj, bool checkInList=true)
void setExactMatch (bool enabled=true)
void setNoProperty (bool enabled=true)
void setPrefix (char prefix)

Protected Member Functions

void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event)
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ExpressionLineEdit()

ExpressionLineEdit::ExpressionLineEdit ( QWidget parent = nullptr,
bool  noProperty = false,
char  checkPrefix = 0,
bool  checkInList = true 

Member Function Documentation

◆ completerActive()

◆ contextMenuEvent()

void ExpressionLineEdit::contextMenuEvent ( QContextMenuEvent *  event)

References setExactMatch().

◆ hideCompleter()

void ExpressionLineEdit::hideCompleter ( )

◆ keyPressEvent()

void ExpressionLineEdit::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent *  event)

◆ setDocumentObject()

◆ setExactMatch()

void ExpressionLineEdit::setExactMatch ( bool  enabled = true)

◆ setNoProperty()

void ExpressionLineEdit::setNoProperty ( bool  enabled = true)

◆ setPrefix()

void ExpressionLineEdit::setPrefix ( char  prefix)

◆ slotCompleteText

void ExpressionLineEdit::slotCompleteText ( const QString &  completionPrefix)

◆ slotTextChanged

void ExpressionLineEdit::slotTextChanged ( const QString &  text)

References textChanged2().

Referenced by ExpressionLineEdit().

◆ textChanged2

void Gui::ExpressionLineEdit::textChanged2 ( QString  text,
int  pos 

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